This is the most powerful weapon in minecraftia. Use with care, as it is unstable, and it also requires your life force to use.


Once, there was a peaceful village. This was the early days of minecraft, where zombies did not have the OP mutation (the one that buffed them), and endermen did not seek to rip apart the world to rebuild their own. In a house in the village, there lived jeb, but he was not king of minecraftia yet.

The day came to chose the new king, and jeb won half the tests. The other half was his Great, Great, Great grandfathers other sons great great granchild: Herobrine. In short, they were scarcly related. The final test came: The mastercrafter test.

This was to be the final test, to see who could make the most powerful weapon. Then they challanged eachother with it.

Their swords were opposites. Jebs was a sword inforcing all that was good and pure, and its element was water. Herobrines was dark, evil, and was flame.

When the battle began, they were equal swords. But, as Herobrines fed off of hate, the further the fight went on, the more powerful Herobrine became.

Soon Herobrine was standing over his fourth cousin, ready to kill him. As he was delivvering the killing blow, Jeb blocked. The force sent herobrine smashing into a wall, and the swords both glowed with a bright light.

The swords merged, but not the brothers.

Herobrine, being as greedy has he is, was the one to grab the sword. With all of its holyness, he was transformed. He was blinded, but empowered. He was teleported to The Void and was belived dead.

Jeb was king, but herobrine, even though banished, even the most powerful banish does not last forever...

The Void weakened 5000 years later, allowing endermen, Stronger Zombies, and many other creatures could wreak havoc.

How to Get/StatsEdit

Crafting: None

Drops: 100% off of Herobrine (Universe of the Omega)

Damage: 100

Range of Hitting: 20 blocks

Special: The foe has a 50% chance to be Burned, taking 20 damage a second over 10 seconds, and a 50% chance to be frozen, stoping them from moving for 20 seconds.

Weackness(es): Each time you hit with it, you lose 5 HP. Also, it can only hit once per 5 seconds.