In our first minigame concept ever, here it is... WarCraft! This would be a really awesome PVP game. The goal of the game is to kill the president of the opponent's force. Here's how it works.

  • There must be forty players to start a game. Twenty players are on each side.
  • The map is around 250x250 blocks. There is a waypoint (like Rei's Minimaps) at each team's spawnpoint.
  • The President of each force is a mob with 100 health. He looks like an old white man in a black suit. There is a 1/44 chance he will look like a slightly younger African-American instead. The President can defend himself if attacked by using a gun. This deals 5 damage and is used once every 1 1/2 seconds.
  • Everyone else starts with leather armor and a stone sword. They can find items in chests. These include the standard Hunger Games-style items, as well as the ones below.

ATV Edit

The ATV comes in two parts: the body and the wheels, both of which are found in chests. If you craft the two together, you get a vehicle with 40 health that can move at 8 bps (blocks per second). If it hits another player, it will go past them and deal 6 damage to the hit player and the ATV. However, this slows it down to 4 bps for a few seconds.

Tank Edit

In chests, you will rarely find a tank gun and tank treads. Crafting both of those and an iron block with an ATV in the center will turn it into a tank. The tank has 100 health and can fire a bomb, dealing 9 damage and exploding like a wither skull. The tank deals 8 damage when it runs over an opponent and does not take damage from that. However, it still slows down. It has only half the speed of an ATV.

Magic Wand Edit

This is a rare item. You can right-click to shoot blaze fireballs with it. Crafting it with gunpowder lets it shoot ghast fireballs. Crafting it with redstone lets it shoot lightning.

Trivia Edit

  • The African-American president represents Obama, while the white man represents every other American president. There have been 44 American presidents. Yes, I know other countries have presidents, so don't hate.