Saltania Plains is an area that you can get to using a nether-portal-shaped portal using Jungle Gem Blocks and lighting it with a Honey Essence Orb, it is part of the Miner Ware Mod

Basic LookEdit

The area looks like a plains biome with green grass and lots of tall grass; they are large, chunky trees everywhere exept on small, thin hills. They are a Glowing Biome  that looks a lot like a mushroom biome; it is found wherever a mushroom biome is found in the regular world, it contains mushroom like trees and a few mushroom mobs, they are small dungeons underground, but they reach to the surface!


On the regular area they are explorer zombies and earth elements; in the mushroom area they are glowing cowsglowing cubes and rock bugs, and in the dungeons they are more rock bugs and the new stormtitan skeletons, however they only come from spawners.


The Dungeon contains a few mobs and lots of rooms, lots being fight rooms and item rooms. The dungeons reach to the surface and this is where the entrance is, the blocks are unbreakable until you fight the boss; however the boss room needs a key, you get 2 broken key pieces from each miniboss that you can craft together to make the key.

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