This mod adds the elements of the periodic table to Minecraft. The nerd level in this mod is over 9000, so beware of that.

Not the Elements Edit

Anything in this mod that isn't the elements.

Element Collector Edit

There is a new villager with a red outfit who collects the elements and sells them. He usually trades for iron ingots. He can sell any element except for regular iron (that's what you're paying him, after all).

Airtight Container Edit

Airtight Container

This container can be used to store dangerous items. It's like a glass bottle, except you can click on any liquid or gas and it will be safely stored inside. Elements that still have effects within or that can break through an airtight container will be noted. This allows you to collect gases.

Freezer Edit

Deep Freezer

That's an iron block in the center.

The freezer can be used to make elements colder. It is mostly used to make gases and liquids solid. It can store up to 3 rows of frozen items inside. Some items require the deep freezer or the ultra-deep freezer to freeze, respectively.

The Elements Edit

What does this look like? This is a page of all the elements in the periodic table.

Hydrogen Edit

Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table. Hydrogen is obviously a gas, but you're not out of luck for collecting it. An element collector will sell it for 1-4 iron ingots in an airtight container, and you will rarely find it underground. All forms of hydrogen are flammable; if hydrogen is lit with a flint and steel it will explode instantly with a creeper-level blast. Additionally, if a player holding it catches on fire, the same thing will happen. A hydrogen explosion will leave blue fire around (no difference from regular fire). An airtight container protects against regular fire, but not lava.

Hydrogen isotopes and forms Edit

Liquid hydrogen can be used as fifteen coal. It is not available naturally, but a few element collectors will sell it for 3 iron ingots in an airtight container, and you can make it in a deep freezer. It is otherwise like normal hydrogen.

Solid hydrogen can only be made in an ultra-deep freezer. If taken outside of there, it will evaporate in one second. It is not sold by element collectors.

Deuterium (Hydrogen-2) is sold by element collectors for 15 iron ingots. It really has no difference from hydrogen, but it's nice to know you can have it.

Tritium (Hydrogen-3) is the final isotope of hydrogen. If not in an airtight capsule, it will inflict Poison I and Nausea I for 20 seconds after you leave the gas's area. It will become helium-3 after 4 hours. Since helium-3 is rare, it is good to get your hands on this stuff. Element collectors trade it for 10 iron ingots.

Helium Edit

Helium (Helium-4) is the second element. Helium is a gas,