This mod is actually a group of mods that add the Nintendo Multiverse into Minecraft! There will be links to pages below.


The main article can be found here: ArcadeCraft

Dates made: 1973-1990

This mod adds a number of arcade machines that will take you to different dimensions. Each dimension includes a simulation of an arcade game made by Nintendo! No games made after 1990 will be in this mod.


The main article can be found here: GWCraft

Dates made: 1980-1991

A small mod that adds an assortment of Game and Watch consoles into the game. These allow you to play minigames, and different consoles have different minigames. There is also a Mr. Game and Watch mob. Enjoy!


The main article can be found here: ShroomCraft

This mod adds many features from the Mario Universe into your world. From power-ups to biomes and, of course, Bowser, you'll be jumping around the Mushroom Kingdom in style!