The good/evil world adds some sort of "story" to Minecraft. It adds cutcenes, Talking to people, and world-changing coices. 

Grevious, Lord of Order and Darkness or Hexamegathupanituimaginus, Master Crafter and King of ImaginationEdit

After defeating The Wall of Good and Evil, the spirits of light and darkness have been released and formed into Hexamega and Grevious. You can go to the End; Grevious will be there instead of the dragon OR you can go to the Nether (Now called Imaginether) that looks COMPLETELY different and battle Hexamega, or you can craft a Tailsman of Normality (Craft: 1 dirt block in the center) and use it to seal them back up, then use it again later to unseal them. Whatever one you kill, you will be on the other ones team. e.g kill Grevious and you are right hand man of Hexamega. You can then chose one of three..


Betray your leader and kill him at the right moment and become king.


Be loyal to your leader and complete all quests to become king.


Run away and be an outcast.


Here are the ranks, worst to best.

Public Enemy #1: Gotten by harming the king. They are hostile.

Suspicous: Steal some Items and free some Prisoners. They are enemy neutral, and  they will all attack you if one of them sees you harm another one.

Neutral: Do nothing.

Sort of freindly: Will not attack you unless you kill one. Complete 3 quests.

Freindly: Will not attack you. Complete 7 quests.

Right hand man: Will do some basic functions for you and you can create them with some difficulty. Complete 15 quests. Note: The King can override your commands.

King: Will ever serve you and you can create them without difficulty. Have the King die when you are right hand man. This will happen 14 Minecraft days after Right hand man.

This is unfinished. More info on the bosses stats, WHAT you can do with the guys, and what the Imaginether is EXACTLY is coming soon.