In Chocolate Minecraft, goblins replace zombies as the major starting enemy. They have 20 health, and will gang up on you. They see in the dark, but poorly in daylight; the darkest light level to them is the brightest level to you. For example, in light level 3, goblins see as if in light level 12. At light level 15, they are completely blind, so they stay out of daylight. However, they don't burn. Torches and lamps do not blind them; only ambient light can do that. Goblins have iron axes, but they still only do 3 damage. Goblins tend to gang up on you. Note that goblins ARE 2 blocks tall. They have green skin and black clothes, as well as pointy ears (think an Order of the Stick goblin, but in minecraft style.)


Goblins will almost never attack if there are less than four of them. Any group of 10 or more will have made permanent residence somewhere as a tribe. Tribes can have up to 80 goblins in them. Half of all goblins will be unarmed goblin villagers. If you have never slain a goblin from their tribe, you may trade things like rotten flesh with them (Note that since zombies are rarer, rotten flesh is uncommon). For every 10 goblins, there will be a goblin guardian with 30 health, leather armor, and a stone sword. At the head of these goblins is an elite goblin with 40 health and iron armor/weapons. However, you will never have to face the whole tribe unless you invade it. Goblins also occasionally go hunting atop alpha wolves.

Goblin cityEdit

Legends speak of giant goblin cities, sporting hundreds of goblins. These places are very rare and have around 200 goblins apiece. One hundred of these are goblin villagers, as described above. The guardians have the same rules (there will probably be about 20), but there are 3 elite goblins and one Goblin General with 50 health and diamond stuff! You will get an achievement for finding one of these things and another for destroying it.