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This mod adds in several consoles allowing you to play the popular (well, popular thirty years ago) Game and Watch games. You must craft consoles to play these games. The games are detailed below.

How it WorksEdit

When you right-click a console, you are teleported to another dimension. This dimension will include a single game within it. Unlike normal dimensions, these dimensions go out to only 64 square blocks. When you lose the game, you are given the choice to try again or to go out of the dimension back to where you were. However, time in the outside world will continue while you are playing, so be careful!

Game and Watch SilverEdit

This is a starting console allowing you to play these games. You will first need to craft a computer board out of 1 redstone and 4 iron in an "X" shape. Then, craft that with an iron ingot to the left and right, and you've got yourself a basic console! You will then need to turn it into a portal with an extra crafting ingredient.