This is a two-player adventure map! You must each choose a different class. The classes are Baka and Seto. Baka uses many axes to defeat opponents, and Seto uses powerful spells. P.S. I know Seto isn't in TC anymore, but I needed a spellcaster. Anyway, Sky was kidnapped, and Baka turns to Seto for help rescuing him.

How to PlayEdit

You each have 100 health and no armor. You also each have several skills. Skills are commands you use. You use Command Points (CP) to use these. Each person starts with 1000 CP. If a skill can effect either player, you use /example Playername.Baka has a diamond axe (3 damage), and Seto has a staff (1 damage). Attacks only cost CP if they hit at least one target.


Fanboy: The Fanboy comes and gives either player a random item. This does NOT use up your items. It costs 10 CP.

Strength: Either player can be effected by this. That player gets Strength 1.5 for 10 seconds, then Strength 1 for 10 seconds, then Strength 0.5 for 10 seconds. This costs 15 CP. Bloodletting: This is a weak attack (8-9 damage) that heals three times the amount of damage it deals. It costs 22 CP.

Armor: This gives you (and Seto if he's within 5 blocks) Resistance 2 for 15 seconds, which is replaced by Resistance 1.5 for 15 seconds, and so on. This costs 25 CP.

Power Move: This does 5-6 damage to all foes in a 3x3x10 radius forward It costs 33 CP.

Axe of Tremors: A brown axe shoots forward up to 10 blocks, and the blocks raise as it passes and lower as it leaves. It does about 12-13 earth-aspected damage to all mobs it hits. It costs 45 CP.

RPG: You take out an RPG and fire one shot. It can either be a Rocket Shotgun (5 TNTs 1/4 the strength of normal TNT in a spread) or a Rocket Cannon (a normal TNT). It costs 50 CP.

Axe of Flames: A red axe shoots forward up to 10 blocks, and the blocks ignite as it passes and are put out as it leaves It does about 12-13 fire-aspected damage to all mobs it hits. It costs 55 CP, since more monsters are weak to fire.

Axe of Notch: A glowing white axe shoots forward up to ten blocks. All hit mobs take 18-21 notch-aspected damage. It costs 75 CP, since it does more damage then the previous two and many late-game mobs are weak to notch damage.

Aether: You leap 10 blocks into the air, with no fall damage. If there is a mob directly in front of you, it will take 25 damage. It will take another 25 damage if it is in front of or below you when you come down. The base cost is 10 CP, but it costs 35 extra CP per hit.