Cutscenes are a kind of sequence that plays a short movie whenever you do a curtain thing/task. Cutscenes can even be in the pocket and pi editions. They can be watched when unlocked and can be disabled or enabled in the options menu. They only play once per world (so if you were to. In the menu there's a button next to options with a theater projector, clicking this button brings you to a menu where you can watch any and all cutscenes you've unlocked in case if you wanted to see them again. Cutscenes that haven't been unlocked appear darker with a lock on it.

Everyone in the Minecraft Wiki is allowed to make any Cutscenes, so you can help suggest Cutscenes here! You can also make a dream being the same thing but having a different sequence (ex. Sleeping II). Cutscenes for any mods, even from this wiki, are welcome.

List O' CutscenesEdit

Deleting a World - When you delete a world, a sequence activates showing a world destroyed by the Death Star from Star Wars.

Creating a World - When you create a world, it shows you slowly opening your eyes and walking around for a bit. Then the game starts.

Destroying The Wither - You see the withers 3 heads exploding, and it turns into a pile of Soul Sand.

Destroying The Enderdragon - The dragon roars, then it slowly rises up into the air and explodes with purple light.

Sleeping - 20%  Chance to see a sheep jumping around, and you chase after it. After 15 seconds it turns into a enderman, that crushes you.

Sleeping II - 35% Chance to dream about Creative Mode, flying around and building a city. With amazing skyscrapers, beautiful houses made of brick and wood, and even building a museum.

Eating - When you eat a food for the first time, a sequence activates showing you eating the food. If you eat something else edible, the sequence will show the food you ate.

Eating II - When you eat a food for the first time that has negative effects, it'll show you eating it like normal. And after 3 seconds your character goes in a shock pose and he/she walks out of the camera.

Achievement Cutscenes Edit

In this section, the sequences for the achievements play here. If you want to contribute with a sequence for a achievement from a mod, don't add it in the list above, put it in here.

Taking Inventory - None.

Getting Wood - Shows your character punching a tree depending on the type of wood it is. (so if you got birch wood, it shows you punching a birch tree)

Benchmarking - Once you place a workbench, your character looks at it for 5 seconds straight. He/she will look back to where you were facing.

More will come soon.