Mod: Chocolate Minecraft

Power Level: 11

Experience Level: 11

HP: 150

Clay Golems are some of the first golems that most magi learn to create. They are often found in dungeons, although with enough experience you can create your own. (Chocolate Box 3rd Edition)

The clay golem can occasionally be found in a dungeon as an enemy, or by the side of a player that has built one. The clay golem deals 12 damage per hit, and attacks like an iron golem. It also has the following special powers:

Innocuous GuiseEdit

Unless someone walks by a natural clay golem or the golem is activated by a commanding player, the golem looks like a lump of hardened clay.

Magical ImmunityEdit

Like all golems, a clay golem is immune to most magic. Some other magic works differently instead of the clay golem being immune (if it normally would be). An Ultimate Shovel spell (if you manage to cast it) does effect a clay golem, and deals 25 damage to it. Destruction works at half strength against the golem and gives it Slowness II for 45 seconds. Earthshattering will deal 50 damage to the golem and give ten seconds of Paralysis if cast directly on it and will have its normal effect.

Pervasive ClayEdit

A clay golem's substance seeps into wounds. If a clay golem harms a player, they gain Health Drain equal to a quarter of the damage. Only magical healing restores this health, and even then it only has a 50% chance to work.

Shaped HandsEdit

A clay golem can transform its hand into a sword that doesn't flick the opponent into the air. It does fourteen damage.

Constructing a clay golemEdit

To build a clay golem, you make the golem with hardened clay in the normal formation. You then must right-click each clay block with a thick potion and an awkward potion. Then right-click the pumpkin with Skinchange, Animation, and Creation. After this, you right-click it twice with stacks of hardened clay. Then you have a clay golem under your control! You must be at least 11th level. All items disappear when used.