This will, in the future, be a very extensive mod. It adds upgradable tools and new mobs and biomes.

Getting StartedEdit

To get started, play out your normal Minecraft world for a little while, except the mobs will be Bloons. Although, at least in your starting biome, bloons will be wimpy, they can spawn in the daytime as well. Once you find seven iron ore, then things get interesting.

Dart GunEdit

The dart gun replaces the bow. The crafting recipe will be added as soon as I get access to a computer. Basically, you use it using darts as ammo. You can use the arrow crafting recipe to get 8 darts. A dart gun is like a bow, but cannot get beyond half-charge, so it can't deal more than 5 damage, just enough to kill a Red Bloon.

Main article: Dart Gun

So, can you upgrade it, and if so how? Yes, and how you do this is by a new drop called Money! It is not craftable. Money drops from nearly all bloons, and it is what allows you to upgrade your stuff! When you go into options, there will now be a button called Upgrades. Select any tower you have in your inventory to spend money on. As in BTD, you need experience in a tower to upgrade it.

More Bloons

Once you do have them iron ores, more Bloons will come each day. Here are some more details:

Days are:

  1. Everything to black
  2. Pinks only
  3. Tons of red and blue
  4. Tons of green
  5. Yellow, pink, black and white
  6. Small amounts of leads and zebras
  7. Rarely a rainbow, everything to white
  8. Regenerating bloons appear
  9. Tons of yellow
  10. Tons of regen green
  11. Up to 25 whites/blacks, up to 12 leads
  12. Up to 14 zebras
  13. Everything to rainbow
  14. Regen rainbow
  15. Camo appear
  16. Tons of pinks and regen yellows
  17. Camo black, camp white
  18. Camo lead and camo zebra
  19. Camo regen appear
  20. Ceramics
  21. Camo Regen Zebra
  22. Camo lead
  23. Regen ceramics
  24. Everything to ceramics
  25. Camo ceramics
  26. Camo Regen white
  27. 15 Ceramics
  28. Camo Regen rainbow
  29. 50 Ceramic (MOAB preparation warning comes up)
  30. MOABs
  31. Tons of camp black
  32. 125 Regen zebra
  33. MOAB and ceramics
  34. Tons of camp Regen white
  35. 4 MOABs

From here, you will need 1 gold ore, 1 diamond ore or 1 emerald ore.

36. Camo Regen ceramics

37. Tons of Regen zebra

38. 70 Camo lead 70 rainbow

39. Everything to MOABs

40. BFB

45. Tons of ceramic

55. ZOMG

75. Tons of camo Regen ceramics

100. 3 ZOMGs

10000. 99999999 MOABs

10001. 20000000 BFBs

10002. 3000000 ZOMGs

10003. Everything

99999. BSOD on your Computer